Our Team

Meet the Empowering Futures Team

John Bell

Co-Founder and LifeMethod Coach™

Since 1993, John with his wife Danette, have been providing consulting services to successful business owners through their company, The Business Consulting Group. More recently, John, in the search to gain additional insight into the biology of decision making, achieved a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Psychology Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan, 2015. Today, he heads up The LIFE Method Process ™ and its many facets.


Danette Bell

Co-Founder and LifeMethod Coach™

With an extensive background in business process development, Danette understands the development of processes, the people, and the culture that business owners leverage to maximize the growth of their organizations. This experience helps her understand the challenges that the owners of a business encounter when moving from success to their next stage in life: Significance. Currently, Danette is the managing partner in the Business Coaching Group in addition to her activities with the LIFE Method™ team.


Tom Riley

Strategy Consultant / LifeMethod Coach™

Prior to becoming a LifeMethod coach, Tom specialized in strategic relationship management in roles at Deloitte LLC and IBM Corp. He was an early adopter of the LifeMethod and has applied its principles to his personal brand promise: to equip organizations to overachieve by bringing purpose and enrichment to their executive teams and employees. Tom graduated from Grove City College with a degree in Sociology and earned his MBA from Marshall University.