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How Can You Live The LifeMethod?

Featured on FOX2 Detroit
John Bell Television Segment

Watch John Bell talk about how overwhelming retirement can be if you don’t have a purpose.

The Four Key Foundations of Life

The LifeMethod™ is a process that allows you to navigate successfully through life by providing clarity of personal vision, value and purpose. It replaces anxiety with confidence and dread with hope. Through a structured approach, a LifeMethod™ Coach works with you to confront and eliminate chaos in your life that’s triggered by sudden, unexpected life-changing events or by the steady stream of day-to-day pressures.  As you gain a better understanding and appreciation of who you are, The LifeMethod™ takes you on an enriching journey to develop a set of possibilities in four key foundations of your life – personal, professional, financial and spiritual.  As a result you will have composed your personalized set of meaningful, achievable life objectives supported by an action-oriented roadmap.

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