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The LifeMethod Process

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The Four Foundations
How the LifeMethod Process™ works…

As human beings we intuitively desire a sense of order. The LifeMethod™ process helps one discover that order, allowing for the pursuit of true significance in life.

Our process, combined with your desire to have maximum efficiency of your time, talents, energy, and resources equips and empowers you to realize your full impact and significance in life. Achieving this stage of lasting significance requires a different way of thinking. We can help.

The process involves eight sessions that deliver on a promise to bring a person a greater a level of clarity and a roadmap to where they want to go. Many clients continue the engagement for as long as necessary in order to achieve their desired level of confidence.


    During the Discovery phase of the LifeMethod ℠ process, we get to know one another and set expectations between you and your coach to ensure both understand what success looks like for you. We then begin by guiding you through a process of accessing and putting on paper your hopes, dreams and possibilities for your future. This effort first requires you to articulate what you believe about who you are and your value or worth. This is not necessarily an easy task and may require a bit of time for you to formulate an answer; don’t worry, your coach will help guide you through it.

    We also introduce the action of positive focus to practice gratitude and to recognize the progress you are already making in your life.


    As is commonly the case, when we enter the LifeMethod℠ Process we come with the hope and anticipation of bringing about order to the chaos we may be experiencing as it relates to direction and focused activity. The overarching goal is to be efficient with the tools we have and effective as individuals to attain a sense of purpose and significance. When we take the time to write down and focus on the ideas, desires, opportunities, demands, responsibilities, and dangers muddled in our heads, we begin to find order.

    In these sessions you can expect to experience renewed excitement as we explore the four main areas of your life: Personal, Professional, Financial and Spiritual. We call these the Life Foundations.


    Here we refine opportunities and goals building on the progress that has been made through the Discovery and the Clarity phases.

    We introduce the Destination Cultivator™ in this phase to set objectives in each Life Foundation (Personal, Professional, Financial, Spiritual) as well as starting to work through an identification of FEARS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS and CONFIDENCE. This F.A.C Filter™ helps you refine and bring focus to your objectives.


    We begin with a positive focus conversation and continue to prioritize the most important objectives from the Destination Cultivator™ and begin assembling detailed goals.


    This phase helps you transition from the one-on-one coaching process to working and making progress through the goals yourself. The ongoing service model begins at this stage and has different levels of involvement and pricing, providing accountability for your objectives and goals set during the coaching.


    One of the most important steps in pursuing true personal effectiveness is doing an appraisal of your journey. This happens by beginning in gratitude, pausing and taking stock of how far you have come to provide a personal foundation from which to grow. Contentment and appreciation are powerful components of this journey. Next, you start to assess and discover what new breakthroughs are waiting for you going forward. Thus, The LifeMethod™ process begins again with your next Discovery.

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Ways to Engage in The LifeMethod Process...

These 3-hour workshops are intended to give participants an introductory taste of The LifeMethod.™  Geared for a group audience, the value gained is discovering their basic tendencies and motivations, understanding what’s working and not working in their lives, and learning how to improve their ability to influence others.

These eight sessions span a period of 3-4 months and provide the full value of The LifeMethod.™  At the end of these personal coaching sessions, you will have a complete set of life objectives spanning the personal, professional, financial and spiritual foundations of your life, supported by an action-oriented roadmap.  At the end of the 8 sessions, you and your coach can decide if follow-up coaching is required, at which time a new, customized engagement will be created.