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The Success Builder

How The LifeMethod Helps...
Success builders
  • Prepare for a life event
  • Build a foundation for future phases
  • Address stresses in this phase of life
  • Identify potential challenges

In order to build anything you must grow along the way and growth doesn’t end once you achieve a certain milestone. Success Builders realize this at a young age and they accept that growth and change is required in so many facets and phases of their life, simultaneously.  The growth that they quickly experience within their new careers and family is obvious. What’s not so evident is the growth as a result of their experiences that serve to compound their learning and wisdom. These individuals are in a constant pursuit of improvement and they realize that what they’re doing now has a profound effect on their future.

Relationships and networks also tend to take shape during this period of life. No longer are they only making friends based on the neighborhood they live in or the schools they attend, but with those people who align with their passions and interests. Growth occurs within the company they keep and the knowledge they share.

Their wisdom and experiences are in constant development, but it’s clear that they have the inner tools to properly dream, plan and live the life they desire. While these growth years are exciting and energizing, it doesn’t come without a whole set of challenges. College loans. A growing family paired with a shrinking allotment of time. A wealth of opportunities that subsequently lead to confusion, overhwhelming decision-making and a fear of missing out. A distant and uncertain financial future. Aging and ailing parents. The concern that something unbeknownst to us lies around the corner ready to cause a wealth erosion like health issues, the break-up of a marriage or poor investments. Maybe it’s a career that was once fulfilling, but now lacks purpose and fulfillment.

These are issues many tend to push to the back of their minds in favor of more exciting dreams and opportunities. In order to be a success builder, it’s important that these challenges are faced head-on and dealt with accordingly. Successful individuals don’t let these potential pit falls stall their growth. On the contrary, they see the growth opportunity within a life event and prepare for what’s on the other side.

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