Business Exit Planning — Transformation Through Value Creation

Empowering Futures, LLC is honored to team up with other leading business consultants to make up the Q5 EXPERIENCE. Our role in this collaboration focuses primarily on the personal aspects of creating a business exit strategy that will benefit you, the business owner, and your family as you prepare to create a company with transferable value.

How a business performs and how it develops its transferable value is where the Q5 Experience excels. Q5 is a collaboration between a group of business consultants that, when working together, helps create and build seamless value that allows a business to grow and transform beyond the foreseeable future. While we typically plan based on weeks, months, quarters and years, Q5 challenges you to look further than what can easily be envisioned. It’s a fifth quarter, so to speak. How does Q5 look to you? 

How do you create transferable value in a company that can withstand changes in ownership and leadership? We believe that it’s never too early to strengthen the three key elements that make any transition successful. These elements are optimizing the BUSINESS itself, as well as the FINANCIAL strategy and PERSONAL interests and fulfillment of the owner and the next generation.

A successful business is bigger than its owner. It only partially defines the entrepreneur, just as the entrepreneur can only do so much on their own to define the company. Successful entrepreneurs strive to create a company and culture that will long outlast their ability to contribute to its success. They want to create and position a business that’s prepared for the next generation as they prepare for their exit. Let Q5 work for you.