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Purpose Seekers

How The LifeMethod Helps...
Purpose Seekers
  • Uncover/identify lifelong passions
  • Re-examine the idea of retirement
  • Create a future greater than the past

A purpose seeker has created substantial net worth which in turn offers them the opportunities to enter a phase of life where they need not worry if their money is going to run out. They’re realizing that now is the ideal time to focus primarily on their purpose and do some of the things that may have been pushed aside as they were in their success building phase.

These aren’t the type of people to slow down and relax. Playing golf in their twilight years may be fun, but it’s not their calling. They’re constantly seeking new opportunities at a phase in life where many of their peers tend to slow down. They see the opportunity in front of them to continue living a very purposeful life and take advantage of the health and wealth that they have and use it for the greater good. Perhaps it’s time to pour more time and investment into the charities that tug at their hearts. Maybe it’s creating a new venture that is the ultimate passion project where profits are secondary to purpose and fulfillment.

Whether it’s starting a business or having the resources and financial freedom for impactful charitable giving, purpose seekers have the luxury of waking up each day following their passions. Their financial life is in shape and their health and outlook on life is stronger than ever. Purpose seekers don’t look at their age and consider their life a series of chapters that ultimately bring you to the end of the story, but rather a non-linear next phase with limitless new possibilities.

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