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The Outrepreneur

How The LifeMethod Helps...
  • Preparing for life after ownership
  • Going from entrepreneur to outrapreneur
  • Exploring the outrapreneur’s purpose
  • Anticipate the unexpected

What do you do for a living? It’s a question people are asked almost every time they meet someone new. For many, it’s an answer that rolls off their tongue usually by stating the company they work for and the title they carry. For the entrepreneur, it’s a more exciting moment in which they have the opportunity to talk about what they do and who they are on a more deeper level. They’re proud entrepreneurs, excited to talk about what it is that they do. They have the freedom to express their career and passions in a way that only they can do. There’s a certain pride and joy that emanates from within.

But what happens when they remove themselves from their business? That identity is stripped away. What may have seemed like pending relief is replaced with anxiety about who they are.

Unfortunately, one of two things typically occur when an entrepreneur starts considering a business transition. The first is that they don’t do anything and continue to try and operate “business as usual.” The second, is they make a change and begin to think they may have made a mistake.

In order to be a successful outrapreneur, a different approach is required. Happy and fulfilled outrapreneurs started the planning process a lot earlier than most. By keeping a close eye on the future of their business, they were able to create a future for their business that was profitable and beneficial for them, even if they’ve removed themselves from the day to day.

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2 Ways to Engage in The LifeMethod Process...

These 3-hour workshops are intended to give participants an introductory taste of The LifeMethod.™  Geared for a group audience, the value gained is discovering their basic tendencies and motivations, understanding what’s working and not working in their lives, and learning how to improve their ability to influence others.

These eight sessions span a period of 3-4 months and provide the full value of The LifeMethod.™  At the end of these personal coaching sessions, the participant will have a complete set of life objectives spanning the personal, professional, financial and spiritual foundations of their life, supported by an action-oriented roadmap.  At the end of the 8 sessions, the participant and coach can decide if follow-up coaching is required, at which time a new, customized engagement will be created.